Treasure Island Foods

Meat Clerk


Chicago, IL


Part Time

Meat Clerks

Meat clerks work in the meat department of grocery stores and butcher shops and are responsible for weighing, wrapping and pricing meat for customers. Depending on the store and responsibilities, meat clerks might be asked to slice deli meat or cut down larger pieces of meat for display at the meat counter. Meat clerks work directly with customers, and must have great customer service skills.

In addition, meat clerks must keep the counter and work area clean, and maintain all food safety standards. Meat clerks must be open minded on proper training and observe all safety procedures.



  • Basic Mathematics: Meat clerks have to weigh out meat for customers and may have to handle money for customers. The ability to add and subtract quickly is necessary.
  • High School diploma or equivalent is preferred, but not required.
  • Must have great knife skills
  • Customer Service Skills: Meat clerks speak directly to the customer. Good listening skills, speaking and communicating calmly, effectively and in a friendly manner, and patience are necessary.
  • Stamina: Meat clerks often stand for long periods of time and are required to lift heavy objects.
  • Flexibility: Meat clerks might be asked to work nights, weekends and extended hours. Having a flexible schedule is key.

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