Treasure Island Foods

Multi- Unit Loss Prevention


Chicago, IL


Full Time

Job Descriptions

The principal job of a loss prevention officer is preventing thefts from taking place. Whether they are in the security office or undercover on the sales floor, these officers must keep an eye out for shoplifters who are hiding merchandise on their person, switching price tags or otherwise attempting to steal from the store. Officers might also be called upon to monitor store personnel to avoid situations such as undercharging friends and relatives or violating other company policies. In addition, officers might train other store employees to detect shoplifters.

Loss prevention officers might be asked to assist loss prevention managers with overall security plans for the store. This may include evaluating security measures such as surveillances placement or security tagging, or developing policies and procedures for theft prevention, such as where to station guards. Reports on everything from daily summaries to long-term measurement of risk or liability are also a regular part of a loss prevention officer's job

Monitor Shoppers

Whether they are walking a store in plainclothes or making observations from hidden surveillance cameras, a Loss Prevention Officer must keep an eye on shoppers and company personnel to ensure that property is not being stolen. This might include the surveillance of exits and entrances, emergency exits, back rooms and delivery areas.

Apprehend and Assist with the Prosecution of Shoplifters

Detaining shoplifters is a crucial duty of a Loss Prevention Officer. Once they have observed theft from a security camera or in person, a Loss Prevention Officer will stop to question a suspect. They often contact local police to assist in this process. Loss Prevention Officers must complete all necessary paperwork regarding an incident and work with police and legal representatives in providing evidence needed to prosecute shoplifters per store or company policy. Loss Prevention Officers might often be summoned to act as court witnesses.

People Skills

Loss prevention officers inevitably must deal with people -- both company personnel and guests or customers. This demands strong interpersonal skills, particularly when the loss prevention officer is called upon to deal with a shoplifter or other lawbreaker in a firm but fair manner. Officers must avoid any appearance of profiling or bias when making accusations, which demands both integrity and diplomacy. When they do find evidence of wrongdoing, they must fill out paperwork property and sometimes interact with local law enforcement officers.



Loss prevention officers may be asked to monitor footage from surveillance cameras and assess and maintain store safety. They may also be called upon to assist guests or customers who have encountered safety issues. Loss prevention officers should be in good physical condition because the job typically requires long periods of standing, as well as a good deal of walking.



Must have at least 5 years’ experience in Loss preventions or security or Police officer

Licensed to carry in State of Illinois

Ability to multi-task

Good Communication and written skills

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